Computational Mechanics of Materials and Structures (COMMAS)

International Master of Science Program

The Master’s program COMMAS at the University of Stuttgart

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Welcome to the website of the COMMAS program

Computational Mechanics of Materials and Structures is concerned with the simulation of advanced engineering problems using modelling techniques, computer implementation, experimental verification and case study investigation. This Master of Science program provides the basis of high-tech engineering design for a broad spectrum of applications. This dramatically expanding area of science induces a large number of research activities and is accompanied by strong international cooperations.

One of the main goal of COMMAS is to give students deep theoretical knowledge and analytical skills with regard to respective applications and advancements of simulation techniques in applied and computational mechanics. Moreover, COMMAS educates students to gain competences such as development of algorithmic settings and implementation of various numerical techniques to solve advanced engineering problems including complex geometries, structures and material responses.

All the information that you require about the COMMAS graduate program can be found here. After browsing this site, if you still have questions or areas that are unclear please do not hesitate to contact us.

We wish you a lot of success with application and in your pursuit of the COMMAS program at University of Stuttgart, Germany.


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